Scott Noteboom, founder and CEO of LitBit and former data center executive at Apple and Yahoo! will deliver the keynote address at Data Center World Spring 2014in Las Vegas, April 29-May 2, 2014. Noteboom will present “The Impending Needs and Dynamics of Emerging Market Data Centers – Now to 2025” which will address the question: Are data centers prepared to meet the needs of the future?

"With massive emerging market growth occurring between now and 2025, the timing is right to reflect, disrupt and reinvent current gaps that make development in these parts of the world difficult," said Noteboom. "The coming years will drive the increased simplification of the design/construction process that emerging markets need, while disaggregating that traditional process from the core technologies that needs to advance further and faster for the future."

Noteboom is a founder and CEO of LitBit, a startup that aims to transform the data center landscape through creation of a new hardware/software platform that defines a new era of the modern flexible data factory. The goal of LitBit's platform is to enable more efficient emerging market growth, while allowing new data factories of the future to be continuously reconfigurable and upgradable throughout operation.

“In today’s data center world environment, knowledge is king,” says Tom Roberts, chairman of the Data Center World Conference and president of AFCOM.  “AFCOM provides its members important and global educational opportunities and Data Center World is an excellent place to continue your professional development.”

The global Data Center World Conference is built around educational and forward-looking sessions to help guide data center professionals to stay on top of trends and best practices in the field.  Some of this year’s conference panels include:

“All Data Centers are Local: A panel discussion on global colocation strategy

Moderator: Jason dePreaux, Associate Director, IHS

Participants: RagingWire Data Centers, CBRE and Data Foundry

“Ensuring a Successful DCIM Project: What You Need to Know”

Moderator: Jennifer Koppy of IDC

Participants: Emerson, Nlyte, iTRACS and Cormant

The global strategic education program, taking place at Data Center World, April 28-May 2, 2014 at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas, will target data center executives and decision makers with new sessions on topics covering data center business models, staffing and development plans, risk assessment, finance for the DC Manager, Energy Productivity, Thermal management, and IT and Facilities Organizational Convergence. In addition a brand new track on Data Center Trends will be added to the conference covering Colocation, Data Center Automation, Big Data, Lease vs. Own, Real Estate, Software-Defined Data Centers, Cloud and Hybrids, and Sourcing and Negotiating.

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