Data Center Research (DCR),a new online portal that features data center related news, white papers and analyst reports from hundreds of world-renowned publishers, has officially launched at DCR is a sister site to Data Center Map (DCM), a comprehensive online service that connects service providers and buyers of data center services. At the time of launch, the DCR database consists of more than 15,000 data center-related news articles from outlets across the globe, and around 5,000 reports and white papers from top industry analysts and research firms.

Tracking relevant articles and reports from leading global industry news sources, DCR provides users with easy, instantaneous access to a wide range of updated data center-related information. All data is indexed, analyzed and tagged in the DCR database, making it easy for end users to find information on the data center related subject, company or market they are investigating.

The new service also acts as an effective way for top industry analysts and publishers to reach a wider, targeted audience. DCR caters to a varied audience that includes enterprise data center?and hosting providers, industry analysts, investors, real estate developers, equipment manufacturers, software vendors, consultants and others, working with various aspects of data centers.

“Data Center Research was created in response to the heavy industry demand we were experiencing for a central resource, modeling a ‘one-stop-shop,’ that makes it easy to find data center news, reports, white papers and other critical information,” explains Sune Christesen, founder of Data Center Research. “This service is highly beneficial from both a user’s perspective and from the analyst and publisher perspective, as it serves as an extra sales and promotion channel, providing them an opportunity to reach in-market buyers that might not come across their research otherwise.”

For users interested in utilizing Data Center Research as an ongoing service, DCR also offers the ability to set up trackers to monitor the news and updates relating to specific companies, subjects and/or geographic regions via email, RSS, or a custom overview, viewable from the website.