Servergy, Inc. is showcasing its recently released CTS-1000 Cleantech Server® in Freescale booth 4A – 210 at the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference February 25-27.

Servergy’s patented Cleantech Architecture™ delivers both a data center and embedded platform with extremely high I/O, density and scalability for cloud, big data, caching, streaming, distributed storage, SDN and embedded applications.

Cleantech Servers address the biggest problems today within the data center, power, cooling, space and I/O. With the Internet driving rapid increases in online commerce and online consumption, the world’s digital economy is creating an alarmingly large ecological footprint. The data consumed across global networks is expected to double every two years through 2020, reaching a mammoth 40 Zettabytes, according to leading technology analysts.

Consuming around only 100 watts at full load, weighing less than nine pounds (4 kilograms), and with roughly the footprint of less than ¼ of 1U, the CTS-1000 Cleantech Server® is the next generation of high-density, high I/O PowerLinux blade server. It utilizes up to 90% less power and space while increasing I/O up to 16 times for data center and embedded platforms.   

“We are on to something big with the new class of clean and green PowerLinux servers, engineered from the ground up with our patented Cleantech Architecture™ using Freescale SOCs,” said Bill Mapp, founder, chairman and CEO, Servergy. “Built on the proven, scalable and mature Power Architecture, the new data center and embedded platform offers a variety of Linux distributions and software applications, and literally help pay for themselves. We are proud to be working with Freescale and introducing this groundbreaking, sustainable clean technology and innovation platform to the European IT community.”