RackWare has announced that its RackWare Management Module (RMM) product can now be used by enterprise clients to quickly and easily extend their data centers into the cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provided by SoftLayer, an IBM Company.

In addition to rapid migration of data center workloads into cloud environments such as IBM’s SoftLayer, RackWare enhances enterprise data centers and cloud infrastructures by adding the ability to automatically expand resources to accommodate rapidly growing workloads, and contract resources when they are no longer needed.                                 

RackWare Management Module software, coupled with cloud infrastructure like SoftLayer, creates a dynamic computing environment that adapts to changing business conditions.  It provides the following features and benefits to enterprise data centers that use, or intend to use, cloud infrastructure such as IBM SoftLayer:

  • On Boarding – Provides push-button, rapid migration of enterprise data center workloads into private or public clouds which allows data centers to tap a virtually unlimited number of resources quickly and easily
  • Auto Parking – Automatically shuts down cloud host resources when they are not in use, dramatically minimizing costs over time
  • Auto Scaling – Provides policy-based Scale-In and Scale-Out operations on individual or groups of hosts in addition to coordinating with other infrastructure as hosts are activated or deactivated
  • Cloud Bursting – During periods of time where enterprise data center loads experience peak utilization, RackWare automatically provisions data center hosts and extends them into heterogeneous private or public cloud infrastructure to enhance customer service levels.  During off-peak periods, workloads in the cloud are synchronized back to the data center and the cloud resources are decommissioned to reduce costs.

“RackWare streamlines migration from any public or private cloud to SoftLayer.  It also provides additional workload mobility and dynamic scaling capabilities on our platform,” said Mac Devine, CTO of IBM's Cloud Services Division. “RackWare provides unique advantages for dynamically matching SoftLayer resources to dynamic changes in business demand, which leads to better customer service, less power consumption, and more efficient costing.”

“RackWare is delighted to become part of the SoftLayer ecosystem,” said Sash Sunkara, CEO of RackWare. “We believe that our software will help make IBM Cloud a compelling solution for data center workloads around the world.”