EarthLink has launched server management and monitoring and network management and monitoring infrastructure services designed to maximize the availability and performance of clients’ IT networks. 

EarthLink’s network and server management and monitoring services offload management of on-premises network devices and servers to provide routine maintenance and resolve associated issues. EarthLink’s approach combines technology, automation and skilled personnel to provide mid-sized businesses with the same management and monitoring capabilities of large enterprises.

Benefits of the solutions include: staying up-to-date with the latest technology from the cloud, immediate response to alarms and alerts, rapid issue resolution, and increased network and application reliability and performance.  

EarthLink customer Ascensus, the largest independent retirement plan services provider in the United States, shared its experience stating, “Our IT environment supports mission-critical tasks, so we decided to outsource our 24x7 monitoring and reactive management to EarthLink in order to focus on proactive initiatives and business growth,” said John Schroeder, CIO, Ascensus. “Partnering with an expert NOC services provider made more sense than assigning more internal resources to staffing 24x7 internally in order to manage the day-to-day tasks and monitoring of our growing environment.”

EarthLink’s managed infrastructure services are based on the company’s state-of-the -art network operations center, enabling constant, real-time visibility via its web-based interface tool. With this virtualized solution, EarthLink’s team is able to monitor and proactively manage network devices, including network routers, switches, load balancers, WAN accelerators, SSL VPN concentrators, and wireless access points.

“As an information and communication technology provider, it is vital that we offer a robust suite of managed services,” said Michael D. Toplisek, EarthLink executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Outsourcing server and network management and monitoring to EarthLink effectively expands the scope of what internal IT teams can achieve for their business by putting their skill sets to work on growth and high-visibility projects.Our customersare adopting this approach as an immediate solution for managing their servers and network equipment, but also to augment existing EarthLink managed cloud and security solutions to create a single IT environment with consistent policies and a phased approach to moving to the cloud.”