Silver Peakhas announced it has collaborated with VMware to offer its virtual WAN optimization software to support deployments on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service™.  Silver Peak accelerates data transfers to the cloud and provides an on-going LAN-like experience for cloud-hosted applications, enabling VMware vCloud Hybrid Service users to more quickly and easily transition to a public cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is a secure, dedicated hybrid cloud service operated by VMware, built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere®.  However, the wide area network (WAN) can limit cloud performance because of the inherent network bandwidth, latency and quality challenges that persist.  Silver Peak and VMware are working together to alleviate these issues and provide vCloud Hybrid Service customers with high-performance access to cloud-based resources over distance.

“The performance of any cloud application is directly related to the performance of the network,” said Marc Trimuschat, VP of alliances, Silver Peak.  “Our unique competency in virtualized data acceleration has allowed us to quickly support vCloud Hybrid Service™ environments, and we are excited to be working with VMware to make the WAN cloud-ready for vCloud Hybrid Service customers.  Whether you plan to use vCloud Hybrid Service for hosting business applications or simply backing up data, our software installs quickly and easily to make your cloud resources feel like they are in the same building.”

Silver Peak WAN acceleration complements vCloud Hybrid Service in several key areas:

  • Initial data migration – This is the process of moving data into the cloud for the first time.  It can often take days to move data into the cloud due to WAN constraints.
  • Ongoing data synchronization – Whether for backup, replication or synchronization of data from the data center to the cloud, WAN performance can affect throughput to and from the cloud.
  • Multi-site access to the cloud – As customers begin to run critical applications like email, file, and Web apps in vCloud Hybrid Service, geographically distributed locations will require access. For these locations, WAN latency can have a significantly negative impact on application performance.

“The software approach to WAN acceleration and data center scalability makes Silver Peak an excellent complement to the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service™,” said Angelos Kottas, director, Marketing, vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware. “The Silver Peak software certified in our vCloud Hybrid Service marketplace gives users a fast and easy way to add WAN optimization to a vCloud Hybrid Service deployment.”

Silver Peak offers high-performance and scalable virtual data acceleration products.  This allows customers to optimize the performance of any cloud application, from the smallest remote site to the largest data center with up to a gigabit-per-second (Gbps) of WAN throughput.  In-house developed applications, file sharing, and latency sensitive traffic all benefit from Silver Peak’s industry leading performance — regardless of application type, protocol or version.   This combination of Silver Peak capabilities with VMware vCloud Hybrid Service helps ensure maximum performance when migrating applications and data to the cloud.