Interxion Holding NV has announced that its diverse community of connectivity providers now totals more than 500. This achievement is a direct result of the company’s focus on providing the best connected data center environment for its customers through its communities of interest, which brings like-minded companies together in the same facility.

These connectivity providers, who have made their services directly available from Interxion’s European data centers, strengthen the value Interxion is able to deliver its network-hungry colocation customers from sectors such as digital media, financial services and managed service providers.

“Our customers need network solutions to interconnect in a flexible manner and to store and transfer content efficiently. The diverse range of services offered by these 500+ connectivity providers make our data centers ideal locations for customers to address their cloud, big data and mobility challenges,” said Mike Hollands, director of connectivity and mobile community, Interxion.

Interxion’s community of connectivity providers includes a range of providers:

  • International providers offering IP and Ethernet services for corporate networks
  • National and metro providers enabling access to a high number of residential and business premises
  • Local loop providers delivering high capacity links between key data centers in the metro
  • Internet exchanges offering low cost exchange of Internet traffic
  • Content distribution networks enhancing user experiences of online content and websites
  • Mobile network operators simplifying access to mobile service platforms and end users

Connectivity providers peer directly with one another and also through one of the 19 Internet exchanges housed directly in Interxion’s data centers, allowing for increased network redundancy and an improved end-user experience. These providers can leverage the ready community of potential customers colocated with Interxion to generate revenues from these network-hungry customers. euNetworks, who have provided their services from Interxion data centers for many years, is a case in point:

“Interxion’s Pan-European footprint has made them an ideal partner to help us deliver the benefits of our high capacity network to our target customers,” said Brady Rafuse, CEO, euNetworks.

The combination of diverse connectivity services and metropolitan based data centers (which are closer to end users and customers) help to maximize application performance and, consequently, end-customer experience. With the connectivity community continuing to grow rapidly at Interxion data centers, so too is the value that customers derive from them.