Online Tech — which specializes in supporting the IT needs of regulated organizations whose data centers and IT operations must comply with HIPAA, SOX, PCI and other regulations — has launched its next-generation encrypted cloud and encrypted offsite backup that enable clients to achieve compliance with security requirements for data in the cloud and data at rest. These solutions permit regulated companies to achieve true end-to-end encryption, which is one of the key objectives of the security requirements of HIPAA, SOX, PCI and Safe Harbor.

“End-to-end encryption in the cloud is a critical layer of security for regulated industries because it provides protection for sensitive data at every step in the lifecycle of how patient and customer information is used and stored,” said Mike Klein, co-CEO of Online Tech. “If you look at most companies’ IT operations, their cloud infrastructure and their backup processes are very common areas of vulnerability and non-compliance. Our solution enables clients to immediately address those vulnerabilities and demonstrate compliance to auditors.”

“Encrypting data in cloud applications and in backup needs to be a priority for every company that works with HIPAA-regulated clients, and Online Tech’s cloud solution enables us to immediately comply with a key security requirement of the mandate,” said Dr. Larry Hinderks, president of Canyon City Solutions. “We provide software practice management solutions for treatment agencies and counseling centers and they rely on us to protect their clients’ confidential information at all times. Online Tech’s encrypted cloud and offsite backup ensures that data in the cloud and sitting in electronic storage is protected in a way that is HIPAA compliant.”

Hinderks added, “None of the other cloud hosting companies we looked at were able to provide that kind of protection for data in the cloud and at rest. Traditional backup processes have a significant, negative impact on performance and data accessibility, but our experience with Online Tech’s encrypted offsite backup for our cloud servers has involved absolutely no slowdowns even when backups overlap with heavy transaction periods. Being able to have full access to data whenever they need it is very important to our clients, and so is the additional layer of encryption for backed up data. This provides peace of mind to our clients and helps us demonstrate HIPAA compliance.”

“We’re in the business of helping our clients sleep at night. We want our clients to run their business and not lose sleep worrying about the security and protection of their data,” said Online Tech co-CEO Yan Ness. “We are aggressively investing in the security and performance of our cloud and backup products. Our goal is to lead the industry in meeting the increased IT security demands for the healthcare, retail, e-commerce and financial industries. ”