January 21, 2014

Assembling Your Cloud’s Dream Team

VMware CloudOps Blogs

Author: Pierre Moncassin

Putting together a Cloud Center of Excellence (COE) is not about recruiting ‘super-heroes’ – but a matter of balancing skills and exploiting learning opportunities.

On several occasions, I’ve heard customers who are embarking on the journey to the cloud ask: “How exactly do you go about putting together a ‘dream team’ capable of launching and delivering cloud services in my organization?” VMware Cloud Operation’s advice is fairly straightforward: put together a core team known as the Cloud Center of Excellence as early as possible.


January 20, 2014

Et Tu, Brute?

Compass Points

Author: Chris Crosby

Was anybody more surprised than Caesar when the long knives came out? One minute you’re talking to a few “friends” in togas, and the next, you’re a particularly well-ventilated former emperor. Isn’t that the way things so often go? Slay a few Gauls and the world is your oyster, cross the Rubicon with your army and suddenly your future’s a clam.


January 20, 2014

Microsoft’s Bill Laing Keynotes at Open Compute Summit Jan 28, 2014, “Microsoft Datacenters at Cloud Scale”

Author: Green Data Center Blog

I think the last time I saw a Microsoft Presentation at Open Compute Summit is Dileep Bhandardar’s talk in 2011 for the first Open Compute Summit. There are a handful of people besides Facebook employees who have gone to all the Open Compute Summits. I’ve gone to all so I know first hand who presented.

@cisco, 21 January

Got SAP HANA? Get the Cisco-NetApp Appliance http://cs.co/6017eX6c

@AndiMann, 21 January

Tips on how to make #cloud more effective for large #enterprise by @Tesco (video) 

http://t.co/lwrI2DLtUl #ITLuminaries


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