Ericom Software has announced that Maxwell Unified Networks has chosen Ericom Blaze to deliver accelerated RDP based access to cloud-hosted Windows applications. Ericom Blaze addresses usability and deployment challenges by enhancing remote desktop display performance by up to 10 times over slow network connections and WANs.

Maxwell Unified Networks is a facilities-based VoIP and unified communications provider for the passenger ground transportation industry, and is using Ericom Blaze to accelerate access to Livery Coach Transportation Software, as well as other Windows applications.

Derek Maxwell, president at Maxwell Unified Networks, explained: "Our customers are typically based in peripheral areas, and have a very limited bandwidth with which to access hosted services. We wanted to provide these businesses with a faster, more productive user experience." Added Maxwell, "It took only 15 minutes to download and deploy Ericom Blaze in a test environment and a few minutes more to install the client software on several workstations. Users were simply amazed with the difference in speed."

Ericom Blaze also optimized their web browsing experience — graphics-heavy web pages and other rich content began loading noticeably faster. Users also reported a significant improvement in the performance of web-based applications when using Ericom Blaze to run these applications on the terminal server instead of on their local device.

Ilan Paretsky, vice president of marketing at Ericom commented, "We are pleased that Maxwell Unified Networks has chosen Ericom Blaze as their solution for accelerating their RDP based infrastructure." Paretsky added, "Ericom Blaze is an ideal solution to address RDP display performance issues and improve the experience of users accessing applications and graphics heavy content over slow, low bandwidth, and high latency connections."