HIPOWER SYSTEMS has announced it will be exhibiting a large number of products ? including diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators ? at the upcoming ARA Rental Show, February 9-12, 2014at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The company will also be displaying numerous power distribution panels, cables, and related power distribution accessories ? including its popular 600A Mini I-Line Panel with stainless steel frame ? at the 50 ft x 50 ft exhibit.

HIPOWER SYSTEM’s exhibit coincides with its expansion into the oilfield rental market and the introduction of several new natural gas generators and gas filtration systems. The display was expanded this year in response to the strong demand HIPOWER SYSTEMS is seeing from the rental industry, where growth is reaching double-digits on a yearly basis. In 2014, the equipment rental market is expected to garner $36.6 billion in total revenues.

“With the impressive growth of the rental equipment market, we have ramped up production to ensure a sufficient supply of equipment for our customers, no matter what their needs might be,” said Rafael Acosta, president, HIPOWER SYSTEMS. “Our ARA exhibit gives rental companies a rare opportunity to see such a large collection of equipment in one place, first hand.”

At the event, HIPOWER SYSTEMS will have a number of models on display, with both product literature and experts available, as well:

  • The HRJW-175, a Tier 3, FLEX diesel generator set.
  • The HRJW205T6, a trailer-mounted, portable Tier 3, FLEX diesel generator set.
  • The HRYW-50, a Teir 4i FLEX generator set.
  • The HRJW320, a trailer-mounted Tier 4 (final rule) generator set.
  • The HRJW175, a trailer-mounted bi-fuel generator set. Bi-fuel engines are specially outfitted to enable operators to burn a mixture of up to 70% natural gas, saving as much as 50% on fuel costs.
  • The HRNG165T6, a trailer-mounted natural-gas generator designed for oil-field use.
  • The HRNG300T6, a natural-gas generator designed for oilfield use.
  • The HRGM170T6, a gaseous rental generator with the new 8.8 L PSI engine.
  • HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ new fuel-polishing scrubbers.
  • Power distribution products, including:
  • 1200A I-Line and 600A Mini I-Line distribution panels.
  • A six-position distribution panel.
  • A four-position distribution panel – California style. 
  • The 50A Spider Box.
  • The HW400A dual-operator welding generator.
  • The HP75KVASTP-C, a 75KVA portable transformer (600V & 480V: 120Y/208V).
  • The HP150KVASTP-C, a 150KVA portable transformer (600V & 480V: 120Y/208V).
  • The HP375KVASTP-C, a 375KVA portable transformer (600V & 480V: 120Y/208V).

“HIPOWER SYSTEMS has always had a commitment to manufacturing its rental generators at the highest level of craftsmanship, with special attention given to sound-attenuation, spill containment and other features important for commercial applications,” said Acosta. “We are excited to have the opportunity to show our prospects and customers how we have delivered on that commitment.”