Emerson Network Power has unveiled the next generation ASCO® Series 300 Power Transfer Switch for such mid-range installations.

"This new product builds on the standard set by the original transfer switch in this series, which forever changed the way mid-range transfer switches were manufactured and marketed," said Don Blackman, vice president of ASCO domestic sales and marketing for Emerson Network Power. The original transfer switch was the first standardized, 'off-the shelf' product of its kind for the mid-range transfer switch market. It's considered the transfer switch that changed the industry.

The new ASCO Series 300 Power Transfer Switch carries on that tradition with the most sophisticated controller in a mid-range transfer switch, an expanded array of features and life cycle ASCO Technology, Support and Service.

The ASCO Group G microprocessor controller satisfies growing demand for 'smarter,' mid-range power transfer switches that enhance onsite power system reliability. It integrates an intuitive and easy-to-navigate 128*64 graphical LCD display with a soft keypad and six LED indicators that provide broader capabilities and options than 4 x 20 controllers. Optional, sophisticated power metering and remote monitoring complement the controller's capability to help optimize efficient operation.

The ASCO Series 300 Power Transfer Switch is rated 30 to 3,000 amperes, and is available to 600 VAC, single or three phase.

Features include a compact, modular design that's ruggedly constructed. A reliable single-solenoid transfer mechanism allows true, double-throw operation that helps ensure fast, dependable transfers in less than 100 msecs. The unique design requires no motors, gears or complicated mechanisms. It prevents contacts from contacting both sources at the same time or connecting to a dead source.

All components, such as arc chute assemblies, are designed specifically for transfer duty and are accessible from the front of the enclosure. Molded parts technology produces fewer, stronger parts with improved dimensional control and closer tolerances.

Configurations include wall- or floor-mounted enclosures and available service entrance with circuit breaker and NEMA 3R enclosure. Front-of-the-enclosure cable installation is standard and side-mounted cable pull boxes are optional. A range of optional accessories enhance control and communication, security and protection from the elements.

ASCO Series 300 Power Transfer Switches are available in non-automatic and automatic operation. Modes of transfer are Open Transition and Delayed Transition.

Life cycle ASCO Technology, Support and Service provide added value throughout the transfer switch's long life. It encompasses responsive sales, quick delivery, ease of installation, maintenance and operation, technical support, manufacturer-certified 24/7 service, two-year warranty, eventual replacement, and competitive price.

The ASCO Series 300 Power Transfer Switch meets or exceeds multiple, power-transfer-specific codes and standards: UL 1008, CSA C22.2, NFPA 110, and NEC Articles 700, 701, 702 and 708.

For more information visit Emerson Network Power's Power Switching and Controls product page.