CyrusOne has announced the purchase of 22 acres in the MetCenter business park in Austin, TX. It intends to use the acreage to increase data center capacity in Austin where it currently has 54,000 sq ft of colocation space. The Austin transaction is in addition to 54 acres purchased earlier in 2013 in San Antonio and Houston as well as 24 acres the company owns in Dallas (Carrollton).  

“CyrusOne currently has approximately 920,000 gross sq ft of space in Texas with 560,000 sq ft  of data center capacity,” said Gary Wojtaszek, president and chief executive officer of CyrusOne. “We estimate that the property we now own in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin is capable of yielding an additional 2.5 million gross sq ft and 1.6 million sq ft of data center capacity, effectively tripling what we currently offer at our Texas facilities.”

“Securing the ownership of 100 acres in Texas markets where we already have a strong presence allows for construction of what we believe is the largest multi-facility interconnected data center platform in the country,” explained Wojtaszek. “Our Texas data centers are connected to the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (National IX), which enables customers to efficiently replicate their existing IT infrastructure using our solution in one or more of our data centers. For example, the CyrusOne platform connects our high-performance computing Houston data center, which can handle 900 W/sq ft densities for super computer applications, to our other facilities in cities such as San Antonio and Austin for backup and replication.”