Rackwise® has announced that it has recently signed an agreement with University of Michigan to expand implementation of RackwiseDCiM X for information technology management throughout data centers in all University systems, including academic, research, and medical.

University of Michigan is an acknowledged global leader in higher education, celebrated for the quality of its 19 schools and colleges as well as its internationally recognized faculty, departments and programs serving nearly 45,000 students. Additionally, research is central to the University’s mission, with annual expenditures in excess of $1 billion promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary initiatives among all 19 schools and colleges. The award-winning University of Michigan Health System (“UMHS”) treats millions of patients, conducts hundreds of research projects and educates thousands of prospective medical professionals every year. The University spearheads a variety of special initiatives and outreach activities addressing key focus areas promoting academic excellence, leading meaningful change and addressing complex global issues.

A Rackwise customer since 2009, University of Michigan has expanded deployment of the RackwiseDCiM X™ solution in stages, most recently integrating the UMHS data centers in 2012. As a consequence of the positive results from RACKWISEDCiM X™ deployments to date, the University’s current expansion contemplates more broadly utilizing the RackwiseDCiM X™ suite of extensive features and functionalities to include data centers, network closets, and other non-data center IT assets (workstations, cubicles, etc.) throughout all the University systems with the objective of improving overall IT operational efficiencies. This centralized approach will enable enhanced visibility, assessment, and management of IT-related assets as well as data center environmental information via a “single pane of glass” thereby improving IT management productivity, including, among other things, more meaningful capacity modeling through integration of asset and operational data throughout the IT landscape.

Guy A. Archbold, CEO, Rackwise, Inc. said, “The University of Michigan is one of our nation’s most esteemed higher education systems, internationally recognized for its undergraduate, graduate, and research excellence. Complex computing ecosystems and IT infrastructures are required to support its extensive academic and research disciplines and we are pleased and proud that the University continues to incorporate our RACKWISE® offerings as integral components of its current and prospective DCiM X™ strategies. This latest expanded implementation at the University of Michigan in combination with our deployments at other leading universities and national laboratories across the country demonstrates our DCiM X™ leadership in the education and research sectors, both vital to our nation’s current and future success. In these critical arenas, advanced DCiM X™ capabilities are essential so that data center managers and IT professionals can effectively plan and manage data centers and computing ecosystems to assure the highest levels of reliability, discover hidden capacity, and enable efficiencies to continually optimize IT operations and costs.”