NTT Communications Corporation has announced that its NTT Communications Cloud Recovery has received the highest score for product rating in Gartner’s “Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service (1)” report G00247389, published 7 November 2013. This report focused on seven critical capabilities that are essential to the selection of RaaS providers, and services that are the best fits with an organization’s business and IT operations management (ITOM) requirements. To request a copy of the report  go to

Gartner estimates that the global RaaS market will be approximately $564 million in 2013, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 21% during the next three years (see Gartner’s “Market Trends: Assessment of the Rapidly Growing Market for Cloud-Based Recovery Services (2)”). For businesses looking to deploy RaaS during the next 12 months, Gartner assessed how NTT Communications delivers managed recovery against the documented critical capabilities and reported on key findings.

NTT Communications Cloud Recovery received the highest score for product rating, the highest scores in three of the four use cases: mission-critical workload recovery, extended recovery operations, and managed service failover; as well as the highest score for overall use case. The overall use case score is the result of composite scoring for each provider’s service, which is the average of the four different use cases.

NTT Communications Cloud Recovery earned the highest combined score for critical capabilities.

NTT Communications Cloud Recovery was rated the highest for mission-critical workload recovery use case, extended recovery operations use case, and managed service failover use case. In each of these use cases, NTT Communications Cloud Recovery was assessed with the highest combined scores for all critical criteria.

Gartner’s “Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service” report evaluated the capabilities of a selected set of providers in four segments including communication services providers (CSPs), DR/BC service providers, hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) vendors, and direct cloud recovery vendors, based on previously defined inclusion criteria. Seven critical capabilities were applied to assess the alternative RaaS offerings: physical and virtual system recovery, testing and declaration, service manageability, pricing policy, resiliency security and compliance, and value-added services. A score that summarized how well providers met the critical capabilities overall, and for each use case, was then calculated by Gartner for each product. This research report evaluated RaaS provider capability in four different use cases: production and application data recovery, mission-critical workload, extended recovery, and managed service failover.

Cloud Recovery, which is part of NTT Communications’ Recovery as a Service Data Protection Suite, is supported by globally networked data center infrastructure. The service was announced at VMworld in August of 2012. The primary market for NTT Communications is large multinational companies that require recovery capabilities across diverse geographical regions. The service management model is primarily self-service, supported by Geminare’s operations and data replication management software.

The service delivery cloud is based on VMware’s vCloud and all VM formats are supported. VM and related production data replications to the NTT Communications Enterprise Cloud are near real time. Hybrid configurations composed of activated VMs and colocated physical servers are also supported.

A service delivery infrastructure availability level of 99.97% is formally committed. Typically, clients purchase a total amount of computing and storage resources required for their recovery environment, plus a monthly fee for each VM replicated. Clients can add additional resources in the portal for recovery testing, and failover and activated resources are billed to clients on a minute-by-minute basis.

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