Based on the 2013 DatacenterDynamics Industry Census results, China now accounts for 30% of data center white space in the Asia pacific region (excluding Japan) according to the latest research from DCD Intelligence. The report, ‘Asia Pacific Key Trends’ covers data center growth and trends in space, power, investment, and new technologies.

China has continued to show the highest rate of growth in terms of white space in the region at 24% but the rate of growth overall across the region has slowed in comparison to the previous year. Nick Parfitt, Lead Analyst for the Asia Pacific region, comments, “The rate of growth in white space across the region has slowed bringing the region more in line with other mature data center markets, however China and India are still seeing double digit growth albeit at a slower level than in the previous year.”

Maturity in the Region

The regional data center landscape is varied in terms of market maturity with Australia and New Zealand showing signs of decreasing spend on new build. This is consistent with the mature markets of the UK and the US. Australia and New Zealand account for the highest percentage of investment being spent on consolidation projects in the region. Conversely, China in line with the overall increase in white space across the country continues to see the highest percentage of investment in new build.


The increase in power requirements across the Asia Pacific region has significantly slowed over the past 12 months illustrating the effectiveness of increased energy efficiency measures. China now account for 28% of all data center power in the region though the highest rate of growth in power requirements was seen in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Asia Pacific Key Trends 2013-2014

The Asia Pacific Key Trends report examines seven countries in the region (excluding Japan) and gives data and insight into growth and trends in space, power, new technologies and investment. Containing data on a regional, country and industry vertical level and containing forecasts on key metrics the report offers a thorough examination of the regions data center market.

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