Power Assure®, Inc. and RagingWire Data Centers have announced that the two companies will unveil a live demonstration of Power Assure’s Software Defined Power Solution at the 2013 Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas from December 9-12. Installed in RagingWire’s data centers in Sacramento, California and Ashburn, Virginia, the Software Defined Power Solution will be controlled from the Gartner event.

The Gartner Data Center Conference 2013 is one of the most important data center conferences of the year bringing together over 1,500 enterprise IT executives. The theme of this year’s conference is “Taking Charge, Leading Change — Your Infrastructure and Operations Transformation Can’t Wait.” Both Power Assure and RagingWire are Silver Sponsors of the Gartner Event. In booth #505, Power Assure will showcase application load resource matching and dynamic application load shifting between RagingWire’s state-of-the-art datacenters in Sacramento, CA and Ashburn, VA, some 2,350 miles apart, with zero impact on users or application service levels. In booth #108, RagingWire will feature information on its award-winning facilities, patented data center technology, and delivering the best customer experience in the data center collocation industry.

The demonstration will show how, once configured with the service level and other application requirements, Software Defined Power continuously and automatically optimizes resource levels, both within and between data centers. Integral to its design are advanced verification features which not only ensure fail-safe operation but continuously test disaster recovery procedures, making them much more effective. Additionally, Software Defined Power enables multiple opportunities to realize extensive power cost savings, including power cost arbitration between Power Assure and RagingWire sites, avoidance of peak rates, the ability to participate in utility demand response programs, and avoidance of excess demand charges. The Return on Investment can be measured both in terms of reliability improvements and in significantly reduced energy costs.

“Power Assure has effectively abstracted power with its Software Defined Power Solution,” said William Dougherty, senior vice president and CTO of RagingWire. “This revolutionary technology opens up a world of opportunities not previously available to RagingWire customers, including substantial energy savings, while at the same time providing additional risk mitigation for their applications and services.”

Power Assure was included in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Data Center Infrastructure Management, Power and Cooling, 2013” report published April 30, 2013. Cool vendors “provide technology that is innovative, enables users to do things they could not do before, is impactful and has been found to be intriguing by Gartner analysts.”  

Data centers currently consume more than 2% of the World’s electricity with general consensus amongst industry analysts that their average utilization levels are a mere 5% to 15%. Software Defined Power, which completes the Software Defined Data Center model, provides both a significant increase in application reliability and the opportunity to save 50% or more in energy costs with a corresponding reduction in emissions.

“RagingWire is clearly among the world’s most advanced data center colocation providers,” said Pete Malcolm, president and CEO of Power Assure. “With industry-leading technologies like N-MatrixTM, which provides advanced power information and reporting to customers, they were the natural choice to work with on Software Defined Power, not least because they immediately recognized the benefits it brings to their customers. It’s a truly ‘win-win’ situation for everyone.”