ABB introduced ABB Decathlon® Version 3.1, the latest release of its data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system, to offer new reports, increased flexibility, and more safeguards for managing a flexible network of power, cooling, and IT systems.

ABB Decathlon Version 3.1 offers increased reporting capabilities that allow users to quickly and easily create snapshot and genset reports. Snapshot reports provide an efficient way to monitor and query specific aspects of and the status of the data center. For example, users can elect to show all breakers that are not racked in, UPSs that are not running in economizer mode, or identify all racks with temperatures higher than 78°F or 25.5°C. Automated genset reports can be created at preset time periods or on-demand, allowing users an easy and reliable way to maintain and validate system health, as well as provide a flexible format to meet regulatory requirements. These reports enable users to monitor, assess and relay information in a single and concise report, saving both time and resources.

The new monitoring functions within ABB Decathlon Version 3.1 also include real-time access and more flexible viewing options, such as live video. ABB Decathlon’s video system features instant, user-controlled views of the facility, allowing users to monitor the data center from a remote location and also record those videos for later reference. Users can direct the camera at different angles or predetermined settings to see and record operations, from maintenance to environmental and security conditions.

“With the real-time video capabilities, data center staff can now monitor their facilities more efficiently and obtain immediate information,” said Eric Olson, ABB Decathlon product manager. “This instant information allows both IT and facility managers to not only stay up-to-date on the health of their systems in real-time, but it also enables them to review changes in the data center with our recording capabilities.”

In addition to real-time access, ABB Decathlon Version 3.1 provides increased flexibility with application delivery, allowing the Decathlon system reside on a customer’s host system. Users still have the option for the application to be delivered on an appliance.

Finally, ABB Decathlon Version 3.1 provides even greater reliability for data center infrastructure management. Though a common safeguard for mission critical systems, redundancy is often overlooked for the server that hosts the application. This latest version of the ABB Decathlon application provides improved redundant operation, ensuring the application continues to run without loss of data in the event of host failure. Now Decathlon offers full end-to-end redundancy — from redundancy in the host system application to redundant servers, redundant network, redundant power supplies, redundant and hot-swappable IO modules, and building management controllers.