Infinitely Virtual has announced that it has rebranded several members of its high-capacity product line, reflecting an increasing ability among small and midsize business users to manage the IT infrastructure themselves.

Effective immediately, Infinitely Virtual’s large volume “Cloud Hosting – Standard” plan is now “Virtual Datacenter – Standard,” and its “Cloud Hosting – Premium” offering is now Virtual Datacenter – Premium.”

“Our rebranding effort isn’t just semantics,” said Adam Stern, CEO, Infinitely Virtual. “Of late, there’s been a clear shift in the balance of power in information technology. Today, any random business can have industrial strength computing, without the industrial strength price tag. Thanks to products like VMware’s vCloud Director — which enables users to manage their own security, no longer leaving firewall oversight in the hands of the hosting provider — the self-serve model in IT actually works for small and midsize businesses. 

“Cloud hosting companies like ours have baked in some essential components, with confidence and without undue risk,” Stern said. “The result is that customers have vastly more flexibility now. That’s why we recently joined the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) Program, enabling us to customize Citrix hosted desktop, application, and mobility offerings for small and midsize businesses.”

Foremost among the offerings are Citrix’s Netscaler and CloudBridge appliances. NetScaler lets organizations take advantage of a wide range of advanced technologies that were previously available only to large public cloud providers. Similarly, deploying the CloudBridge WAN acceleration platform is an effective way to achieve local server performance from servers that are in fact offsite, Stern noted. 

“With these kinds of tools, tech-savvy customers and resellers can now build just about anything — their own apps, servers, firewalls and networks — in the virtual data center,” he said.