Emerson Network Power has launched the Trellis™ Platform Express Edition, which offers the benefits of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) in a streamlined and simplified delivery model. Emerson Network Power’s industry-leading DCIM solution, the Trellis platform, gives customers a holistic, real-time view of the data center across facilities and IT resources, providing the information needed to improve overall operational efficiency and to plan for the future. The Trellis Platform Express Edition offers the same capabilities in a turnkey package, making it an easy, efficient and cost-effective way for customers to get started with the Trellis platform. It also offers a flexible, scalable foundation to build on as business needs change.

The Trellis Platform Express Edition is a bundled offering of existing Trellis platform functionality that is pre-configured to customer requirements. Key advantages of the Trellis Platform Express Edition are a simplified ordering process and bundled packaging of functionality, making it quick and easy to deploy. Furthermore, the Trellis Platform Express Edition scales and flexes as data center needs grow. For small and medium sized businesses the Trellis Platform Express Edition addresses the need to quickly and easily order and deploy a DCIM solution that is right-sized for their organization. For large enterprise data centers considering a DCIM solution, it’s designed to address their immediate needs while reducing complexity and time to implement. By simplifying the purchasing and installation process, many customers who are waiting to get started with a DCIM purchase and implementation can begin with the Trellis Platform Express Edition.

“Implementing the right DCIM solution is a critical process that can have long-term, strategic impact on an organization, but it is a daunting task for most IT organizations, and many have delayed purchases because of the complexity of the process,” said Jennifer Koppy, research manager, IDC. “Emerson’s announcement of a prepackaged, simple-to-deploy solution in the Trellis Platform Express Edition squarely addresses endusers’ needs for a DCIM solution that is easy to understand and implement. With the Trellis Platform Express Edition, there are no surprises or hidden costs, which makes the DCIM solution easier to sell and easier to buy. By removing complexity, Emerson is streamlining the path for IT organizations to benefit from enhanced visibility, increased efficiency, and better capacity planning.”

The Trellis Platform Express Edition comprises two offerings. First, the Trellis Facility Manager Express, which is a bundled package of the current Trellis Site Manager, Avocent® Universal Management Gateway and Professional Services to handle installation and training. This bundle has two options, one for tracking and monitoring up to 10 floor-mounted devices (FMDs), and one for tracking and monitoring up to 25 FMDs. Second, the Trellis Inventory Express bundles the current Trellis Inventory Manager with Professional Services, and can come with a host server.

“By listening to our customers, we saw there was a need to develop a simpler way for them to begin their DCIM projects,” said Steve Hassell, president of Emerson Network Power’s Data Center Solutions business. “The Trellis Platform Express Edition bundled offering gives organizations the ability to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, and enable accurate planning sooner than they may have hoped.”