Cavern Technologies has announced it has commenced construction of 100,000 additional sq ft of custom, best-in-class, subsurface, data center infrastructure. Adding to its current 60,000 sq ft, this latest build will make Cavern the largest data center in the Midwest region, with a total of 160,000 sq ft.

“Every company we work with is different, every suite is different, Cavern has grown in large part due to our flexibility and ability for our customers to seamlessly scale their IT operations as they grow,” says CEO Pete Clune. “With Cavern’s focus on the infrastructure piece, including the space, power, cooling, security, and bandwidth our client’s IT department can focus on their unique mission critical business operations.”

“At Cavern we take great pride in our attention to detail, our operational expertise and becoming true partners for our clients by exceeding their expectations,” shares President John Clune. “Our momentum is fed by initiating best practices in design, build and operations that create a proven, predictable, state-of-the-art data center environment that will grow with our customers.”

Cavern’s long standing partnership with Minneapolis-based Meritex, a commercial real estate development firm, is part of the cornerstone of Cavern’s success as a growing demand for data center needs for companies across the nation utilizes Cavern’s expertise and product offering.

“When we began working together 10 years ago, I never imagined the type of scale Cavern has now achieved,” says Bill Seymour, senior vice president of Meritex. “Over the years Pete and John have proved the concept, done what they say they will do and given the customer what they want. I’m honored to expand with Cavern as we build our relationship into its second decade.”

Meritex operates the environmentally secure, engineered, three million square foot underground facility, which Cavern calls home. Beyond robust bandwidth from multiple carriers, Cavern also has access to numerous substations and deep electric capacity. KCP&L’s electricity is a large draw to the region for data center deployments because of their low rates and award winning reliability.

Cavern works closely with many key Kansas City-area organizations, including KCP&L, Gibbons Drake Scott, Bell/Knott ,and JE Dunn.

Cavern Technologies has begun leasing the 100,000 sq ft of the new space, which is scheduled to be online January 1, 2014.