Unitas Global has announced it has become an Equinix Solution Partner and will offer its private cloud and managed services to customers inside Equinix data centers. As an Equinix Solution Partner, Unitas Global offers fully managed solutions, which includes the design, deployment and management of customers’ IT infrastructure.

“Unitas sees Equinix as the established data center market leader, which is apparent in both the organization's global reach and consistent exemplary service,” said Grant Kirkwood, CEO of Unitas Global. “Equinix’s leading global interconnection platform accelerates business performance by connecting companies to their customers and partners inside the world’s most networked data centers.”

With a broad base of expertise backed by a global team of technology specialists, Unitas provides single source solutions to enterprise organizations seeking to deploy complex IT environments. The cornerstone of Unitas’ single source solution is its Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) service. Unitas’ veteran Infrastructure Architects design superior IT environments for each client, collaborating and communicating with customers throughout the entire design process. Unitas’ engineers then build out and deploy these infrastructures, completely vendor and provider agnostic.

All Unitas customer environments are managed via the unified management platform, Mission Control, which provides customers 100% visibility and control of their IT environments with a dashboard capable of global views of multiple data centers down to an individual virtual machine.

After seeing a demand for single solution services, specifically fully-managed, custom-built private cloud on an enterprise level, Equinix partnered with Unitas Global to provide its same level of unmatched service and expertise in providing complex and managed IT infrastructure solutions to their customers.

“Unitas' past success with enterprise customers, especially those in the finance, retail, gaming and healthcare industries, made them a proven leader in the enterprise private cloud space and a natural choice as a Solution Partner for Equinix,” said Scott Walker, vice president of Global Indirect Channels & Alliances. “Unitas Global’s ‘boutique’ mentality provides clients with a custom, flexible, and personalized experience with an expert IaaS provider, while producing economies of scale for growing organizations.”

Equinix clients can now utilize Unitas Global for enterprise private cloud, managed services, and dedicated hosting in more than 95 data centers within 31 established markets, while Unitas engineers monitor and manage these customer environments from 24x7 Support Operations Centers located across three different continents.