Integrated Design Group (ID) and KMD Architects (KMD) have announced that the two firms have formed a strategic partnership to address the growing need for the design of data centers south of the U.S. border in Mexico. This fortified relationship enables the firms to collaborate on projects with current clients in new and innovative ways, while providing holistic and comprehensive data center and architectural services to new clients in emerging markets.

Recognizing the growing need for data centers throughout Central and South America, the ID/KMD partnership offers specifically focused collaborative architectural design and engineering services. The partnership fills a void by providing new and existing clients with deep critical facility knowledge and experienced architects familiar with local regulatory and permitting restrictions, as well as familiarity with local cultural design preferences.

Clients of the ID/KMD partnership will benefit from the unique expertise of each firm, delivered as a cohesive team. ID, one of the only firms in the United States to focus exclusively on the design of data centers and associated spaces, offers clients cutting-edge data center design, such as off-site constructed design and new cooling methodologies that take advantage of natural climates. KMD has a rich history of designing academic, commercial and corporate spaces as well as health care in 15 countries around the world, including many projects in Mexico, a focus of this partnership. Together, the firms will address building challenges from all angles.