CloudSigma has announced that it has expanded its public cloud to a second U.S. location. In addition to its Las Vegas cloud at SwitchNAP, CloudSigma’s public cloud is now also available at Equinix’s DC6 International Business Exchange (IBX) in Washington D.C. With locations now spanning both the East and West coasts, CloudSigma can not only improve customers’ latency performance, but also provide a more convenient failover solution within U.S. borders for improved redundancy.

With CloudSigma’s dual-site U.S. hosting solution, customers can now more easily geo-balance workloads across multiple data centers, thereby keeping their data and mission-critical applications accessible in the event of a disaster or a system outage. For instance, customers already housing their data in CloudSigma’s Las Vegas-based cloud can now simply failover to its East Coast location or vice versa. What’s more, CloudSigma estimates that, if customers running Web-based services implement a two-site versus single-site U.S. location strategy, the end users of those Web services will see performance improvement of 100 percent on average latency based on key population centers.

“We help customers connect around the world and are pleased to have CloudSigma expand with us in this additional data center location,” said Dick Theunissen, Equinix EMEA CMO. “We have more than 650 customers colocated with us in the Ashburn data center campus in the D.C. metro area. The Ashburn data center campus continues to be of great strategic importance for the company, as it represents one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world, and, by bringing one of the best-of-breed IaaS providers directly to them, we are fostering even more productive computing environments for customers within our IBX.”

Equinix’s DC6 boasts connections to more than 200 network service providers, nine of the top 10 CDNs, and connections to key metro areas such as Chicago, New York, and London, making it an ideal location for CloudSigma’s expanding public cloud offering.

“The combination of increasing customer demand and our growing partnership with Equinix made this an ideal time to grow our public cloud to a second U.S. data center location,” said Robert Jenkins, CloudSigma CEO. “This expansion shows further validation for our uniquely flexible and customer-centric public cloud model — something we expect to build out in additional regions, including Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, in the near future.”

Equinix customers at DC6 will also have access to CloudSigma’s latest hybrid hosting offering, granting them access to secure, private patching technology and reduced colocation expenses with a rebate on cloud spending of up to 20 percent against customer private hosting costs. For more information, email