DCD Intelligence (DCDi) has announced that it expects 2013 to see an increased number of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) service deployments compared with the previous year. The finding reflects a growing appreciation of the benefits of DCIM among data center operators. Although 2012 figures published by DCDi showed slower than expected deployment growth, 2013 figures — due to be released this November — are expected to show a substantial increase in global DCIM uptake.

Across the industry, DCIM has been hailed as the answer to the energy efficiency problem. The technology is designed to help data center operators monitor, measure and manage all of the critical functions at their facility in a more centralized and unified way. This results in improved efficiency, better management of risk and improved utilization of data center capacity. However, as with any new technology, the market needs to undergo a learning curve, not only in relation to the benefits of DCIM, but also regarding the implementation process itself.

According to Nicola Hayes, managing director of DCD Intelligence, one reason for an initial reluctance among enterprises to embark on DCIM implementation is a general lack of understanding of where and how to start implementing DCIM and the specific steps that are required.

“As with any new technology, information on the practical steps needed to implement is lacking,” comments Hayes. “There is already an abundant supply of information from vendors regarding the potential offered by DCIM. However, there is little real information on how to effectively implement DCIM and the steps needed to be DCIM-ready.”

DCD Intelligence has recently published a series of executive briefs, sponsored by CA Technologies, which offers end users practical advice on the steps organizations need to take before embarking on a DCIM project. These briefs also include the practical decision-making steps that should be followed, the impact of the deployment on an organization’s personnel, and the integration of DCIM with existing data center technologies. Each executive brief in the DCIM Leadership Series gives the reader key facts and practical steps to aid decision-making.

“While many DCIM vendors present complex value propositions and abstract ROI benefits to potential buyers, CA Technologies believes data center practitioners need and want clear, actionable steps towards adopting and implementing DCIM,” states Dhesikan Ananchaperumal, a distinguished engineer with CA Technologies. “We selected DCD Intelligence because of its industry leadership and ability to provide readers with timely and relevant advice on DCIM trends and technologies.”

Download the DCD DCIM leadership series at http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/ca-leadership-series.