Interxion Holding NV has joined a government-backed scheme to help UK data center operators reduce their carbon footprint. Interxion will join Alquist’s data center temperature monitoring pilot, supported by almost £1m of government funding. Interxion, will also work with Schneider Electric and a major services company. Interxion hopes that through the pilot scheme it will be able to achieve significant CO2 reductions through installing Alquist’s Celsius temperature monitoring system at its city of London data center. 

Celsius uses advanced laser technology and fibre-optics to create high definition temperature maps of data center server racks and power transmission equipment. New real-time information will enable data center staff to improve cooling efficiency. Through better energy usage, mid-size data centers can target a 10% to 30% reduction in electricity bills, and reduce carbon emissions by up to 2,000 tonnes per annum. The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change awarded Alquist a contract in Spring 2013, administered by the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, to refine and retrofit the technology in two large data centers.

Interxion has a longstanding emphasis on responsible resource management and constantly innovates to optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and cut waste. Currently over 50% of Interxion’s power comes from renewable sources and the company was recently awarded Green IT’s prize for IT operator of the year.

Alquist’s temperature monitoring technology targets a high-growth market where the UK, with over £3bn invested in 2011, is the world’s third largest player. Data centers are forecast to consume 6% of UK electricity by 2020, and UK suppliers lead globally in developing green data center solutions.

Toby Burton, Alquist chairman, said, “We are excited that Interxion, a well-respected pioneer in the data center industry, has chosen to take part in this path-breaking pilot programme and deploy Celsius at its leading-edge London facility. This technology brings huge potential for CO2 reduction across the industry, and Interxion will be a great partner in demonstrating and publicizing its benefits.”

Kevin Dean, Interxion’s chief marketing officer said, “Being at the forefront of energy efficiency has always been a desire  of Interxion and this pilot further reinforces this. We look forward to being involved within the project and working with Alquist and the government to drive efficiencies across the data center industry.”