The Rittal Liquid Cooling Package Direct (LCP DX) is designed for smaller data centers. This flexible climate control option for use in small and medium enterprises can dissipate heat losses of up to 12 kW through an integrated cooling unit, and two new versions are suitable for rack-based and row-based climate control.Cooling from Rittal

The LCP DX fits into environments where small or medium-sized IT installations need to be cooled and where climate control with air/water heat exchangers or cold water would be too costly.

The DX system includes an integrated, speed-controlled compressor, an electronic expansion valve, and related refrigeration components that include an appropriate external condenser mounted outside the data center. No active control components are required to operate the external condenser — fan speed is determined only by the pressure of the refrigerant.

The laterally mounted LCP Rack DX moves cold air either to the right or to the left in a 19-in. rack. With series cooling, the LCP Inline DX is mounted between individual racks and blows the cool air from the front into the cold aisle. Each version is quick and easy to install because of its compact and largely pre-assembled design.