Caterpillar Inc. has introduced the next generation Cat® XQ2000 Power Module, which incorporates a variable-frequency drive and high efficiency fan to improve mechanical efficiency. With these improvements the fan draws 40% less load on the engine at 100% generator set load. This decreased parasitic load delivers up to 8% improved fuel economy over the previous generation. Power Modules from Caterpillar Inc.

In addition to improved fuel efficiency, the next generation XQ2000 provides significant power density advantages and for total site operation and monitoring from a local control room, using TCP/IP protocol, or from any remote site via the internet. This greatly reduces on-site manpower support requirements, minimizes operator exposure to hazards and permits site performance and maintenance data to be viewed, archived, and analyzed for maximum site performance. Whether needed in a standalone environment, combined with dozens of units in a power plant solution or supporting utility systems worldwide, the powerful controls allow for a full range of paralleling, load share, and load shed solutions.