Bergvik’s Iso Floor raised floor system is suited for new data centers. The modular and self-supporting floor grid design allows for ongoing flexibility in server rack placement and pitch without touching the floor sub-structure. The system is available in multiple floor panel sizes: 18- x 24-in., 24- x 24-in., and 36- x 24-in., which allows for full flexibility and adaptation to server rack depths of 36, 42, and 48 in. without compromising on floor space. In addition, there is no need for separate CRAH or CRAC subframe stands as needed when using a standard 2- x 2-ft grid raised floor and no need for bridging over CRAH chiller pipes as needed when using a standard 2- x 2-ft grid raised floor.Raised Floors from Bergvik Flooring Group

Other features include only two grounding points needed vs. multi point grounding using a standard 2- x 2-ft grid raised floor; a 36 in. cold aisle airflow panel option allows for up to 20% more server racks on the same footprint, substantially increasing your revenue stream; the high lateral stability means that all panels can be removed without the risk of the floor shifting; and floor heights available from 12 to 84 in. (300 to 2,100 mm) in non-seismic zones.

All equipment mounted on the floor can be bolted directly to the Iso Floor structure, through the floor panels.