September 3, 2013

Data Centers continue to go up – server sales continue to go down

Datacenter Dynamics blog

Author: Ambrose McNevin

Just back from the beach and first thing I notice is more large scale data center project announcements such as that from Ericsson and Digiplex.

Next on the notice board is that x86 server unit sales are dropping everywhere except certain places in APAC where they are flat or show modest growth. Mid range and RISC server systems unit sales and revenues are tanking everywhere while ‘mainframe’ revenues continue to rise.

September 19, 2013

Energy: The Datacenter’s Change Catalyst

Microsoft Data Centers Blog

Author: Brian Janous

Before David Schirmacher joined Digital Realty Trust we would regularly have chats that could easily last hours.  I don’t get a chance to chat with David as much now that he is Sr VP of Data Center Operations, but we still connect in many ideas.  Digital Realty has a paper it released on DCIM.  And a couple of things reminded me how we think the same.

@ Carpathia Hosting 23 September

Interesting read --> The challenge of predicting enterprise cloud computing growth via@cloud_comp_news

@TechRepublic 23 September

Big data, cloud computing experts hard to hire, bosses admit


@tedburch 23 September 

Gotta see this - In Photos: Stunning Photos Of Google’s Massive Data Centers  via@forbes


@GigaOM 19 September

Facebook’s data centers are pioneering open source hardware


@ITWatchDogs 18 September

Do you know how you can save millions in your #datacenter? Advanced modeling may help:

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