Upsite Technologies, Inc. has announced their newest offering, the EnergyLok Cooling Capacity Assessment. The new service combines Upsite’s industry knowledge and Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) methodology to help data centers assess their cooling infrastructure and identify savings opportunities that could be realized through applying Airflow Management (AFM) best practices.

Only 13% of the data centers Upsite Technologies has reviewed maximized their cooling capacity, indicating low implementation for AFM best practices despite a perceived high level of awareness. The EnergyLok Cooling Capacity Assessment bridges this gap by identifying opportunities for cooling efficiency and cost savings through an assessment of a data center’s cooling infrastructure utilization.

A vendor-neutral service, the Cooling Capacity Assessment works in three steps. The first step is to calculate the computer room Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF), which indicates the level of over or under cooling. The on-site review then takes a comprehensive assessment of the data center’s current AFM, with a check-out meeting to explain the initial findings. Finally, a full customer report is provided to identify specific improvements for best utilizing the cooling infrastructure, followed by a teleconference to discuss the details of the report.  

Upsite’s evaluation of a data center’s CCF and AFM implementation involves no installation and no risk when gathering information. It features the CCF rating and  identifies the potential for improving cooling energy efficiency, giving an analysis of stranded capacity analysis  recommendations on how to optimize performance. The assessment also provides an airflow management review to target specific areas of improvement and a thermographic analysis of the space. Data center operators and managers can gain efficiency in their facilities without expending all the time needed to gain the knowledge and acquire the information.

At the end of the assessment, customers will have the opportunity to realize their potential for improvement by:

  • Quantifying the amount of excess cooling
  • Identifying opportunities for savings
  • Determining how much IT gear can be added with existing cooling equipment

Once a customer takes action based on the assessment, they will have the opportunity to defer CapEx, improve data center PUE and reduce their data center’s carbon footprint.

“Upsite Technologies is excited to offer the EnergyLok Cooling Capacity Assessment to data center managers; enabling them to save money, maximize capacity, and improve IT reliability,” said Lars Strong, senior engineer of Upsite Technologies. “Our assessment applies our knowledge of the CCF and AFM best practices, and our check-out meeting and conference call ensure that a data center fully understands the gathered information to implement the best solution to fit their cooling needs and maximize their capacity.”