Methode Data Center Technologies has announced the integration of its data center infrastructure management (DCIM) suite of monitoring tools with the analytics and management software of Norlinx, which provides simple logical and complete data center infrastructure management software, products, data center floor planning, integration services, and data center security.

One of the biggest obstacles in deploying a DCIM solution is the integration of different monitoring tools with the software that analyzes the data. The Methode and Norlinx DCIM solution combines the monitoring and analytics into a single, easy-to-install tool suite, allowing customers to achieve rapid ROI and immediate benefits.

"This strategic partnership between Methode and Norlinx provides our customers with a comprehensive DCIM solution for improved monitoring, reporting, and control," said Tim Hazzard, president of Methode Electronics Data Solutions Group. "With this unique integration of hardware and software, we offer streamlined efficiencies and capabilities, while reducing the total cost of ownership."

Methode’s revolutionary single IP address Cabinet Control Module (CCM) serves as the collection point for environmental monitoring, asset tracking, electronic lock controls, cabinet touch console and power distribution unit, or PDU, management. Data is delivered from the CCM to Norlinx’s analytics software in one of three applications: GSM Rack, GSM Power, and GSM air and space.