CA Technologies and RagingWire Data Centers have announced that the two companies are working together to implement key elements of CA Technologies data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution as part of RagingWire’s industry leading N-MatrixTM DCIM system. N-Matrix is RagingWire’s proprietary software which integrates more than 20 infrastructure management applications and presents detailed power and security reports to customers via an interactive online portal.

The companies are working together to tailor, integrate, and leverage the monitoring, analysis, asset management, and 3-D visualization capabilities of CA DCIM to support RagingWire’s award winning data centers in Ashburn, VA and Sacramento, CA. The result will be a sophisticated software management platform with real-time data collection across multiple infrastructure systems, extensive analysis and reporting, and holistic facility power, cooling, and bandwidth utilization visualizations. The enhanced N-Matrix system will deliver operational transparency and create additional value for RagingWire clients who will have access to the system for no incremental charge.

“While many other data center providers are still formulating their DCIM strategies, RagingWire is already delivering concrete benefits and added value to customers with the N-Matrix DCIM system it has running in production today,” said Terrence Clark, senior vice president, infrastructure management, CA Technologies. “By making the CA DCIM solution a core element of their N-Matrix system, RagingWire is both validating our industry leadership in DCIM and raising the bar for performance and transparency in the data center services market.”

RagingWire operates 650,000 sq ft of data center facilities in California and Virginia with one mission — to be the best data center company in the country. The colocation provider has a unique patented design which allows it to move live power loads throughout the data center to meet customer needs. RagingWire offers a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA) to its customers even during maintenance windows, one of the only data center companies to do so.

“The data center industry has been criticized for a lack of transparency regarding data center environmental conditions, bandwidth, and power utilization. RagingWire is changing that,” said William Dougherty, vice president of information technology at RagingWire. “We vetted a large number of solution providers in our search for a DCIM solution that met our objectives of excellent customer experience and integrated deep-dive data analysis capabilities. CA Technologies was the provider that stood out to us with respect to our specifications.”

As part of RagingWire’s N-Matrix system, CA Technologies DCIM technology further improves RagingWire’s critical infrastructure reliability with data trending capabilities to correct equipment operating deficiencies before failure, as well as visualized and automated notification and alarm functions. With the addition of CA DCIM, RagingWire's customers will now have access to visualization and data feeds via a customer portal, through web services APIs, and through CA's iPad and Android applications. Dougherty continued, "N-Matrix and CA DCIM allow RagingWire customers to consume data center operational data in the way that best meets their needs. Adding CA DCIM allows us to expand on our 13 year history of providing world class data center technologies to our customers."

“Service providers and other data center operators increasingly recognize that deploying DCIM enables improved infrastructure monitoring and management,” said Rhonda Ascierto, research manager, data center technologies and eco-efficient IT for 451 Research. “But the fuller potential of DCIM for a data center provider is reached when that value is delivered back to its customers. The approach of companies like RagingWire and CA Technologies illustrates what can be done when the offerings of data center and software companies are brought together.”