Upsite Technologies, Inc.has announced that it has updated its Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) white paper. Originally published in April, this new version includes more field data and feedback from the data center industry.

For the white paper, Upsite reviewed over 45 data centers, finding the average data center had a rated cooling capacity of nearly four times the IT head load. In one case, Upsite observed a data center operating at 30 times the IT heat load! The updated white paper has been revised with details regarding airflow management (AFM) methodologies, enabling data center operators to take actionable measures.

According to the white paper, the average data center can save up to $32,000 annually by implementing practical, cost-effective, but often overlooked AFM techniques.

“After encouraging feedback from the data center industry, we refined our metrics and added more data,” said Lars Strong, P.E. senior engineer, Upsite Technologies. “The changes made to this white paper better illustrate, both in words and images, the necessity of calculating the CCF of a facility and enabling the data center operator to take actionable results.”

Released in April, the CCFis a metric Upsite developed for data center operators to analyze the cooling capacity of their data centers. The factor determines the ratio of total installed cooling capacity (rated) to the critical load. This resulting number indicates how well current cooling resources are being utilized. Once the CCF is calculated, a site can confidently implement practical AFM initiatives in a measured and impactful way and significantly improve its cooling efficiency. Data center managers can calculate their cooling capacity for free using Upsite’s Cooling Capacity Factor Calculator.

“CCF is becoming the benchmark for cooling efficiency” said John Thornell, president of Upsite Technologies. “Just as the Green Grid established PUE as an important metric for energy efficiency, Upsite is establishing CCF as an important metric for cooling efficiency.”