Compass Datacenters and FieldView Solutions have announced the integration of FieldView’s DCIM solution into Compass’ building management system (BMS). The fully integrated solution will provide customers with advanced management and monitoring capabilities of their Compass facilities — including both facilities and IT assets.

Compass’ baseline MEP provides a use and status information resource, delivered via BMS software that ships with each of the Company’s PowerCenter modules. Unlike proprietary offerings, this web-based system has been developed as an open platform to support and integrate with DCIM tools such as FieldView.

FieldView provides a monitoring, management and alerting platform which integrates disparate vendors’ solutions and protocols into a single “pane of glass” view, including branch circuit monitoring, thermal mapping (environmental monitoring), trending (ex: power usage), performance management, capacity planning and business intelligence, whether for a single location or multiple locations around the world.

“Compass’ open DCIM platform strategy allows us to work with outstanding companies like FieldView Solutions that have compelling applications for data center management. The information and analytics provided by FieldView will give our customers powerful data that enhances their capacity planning and operations efforts,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. “FieldView has an open DCIM strategy that matches our own, which is part of what led to this collaboration and made this partnership make so much sense. FieldView has completed its software integration with our BMS and our customers now have access to FieldView apps that are truly customized to their Compass facility rather than just generic templates.”

“As the processing needs of data centers continue to grow, so too does the complexity associated with optimizing and managing these facilities,” said Fred Dirla, Chief Executive Officer, FieldView Solutions. “The integration of our two offerings will address these complexities by offering holistic visibility into facility and IT operations while simplifying the decision process through a single pane of glass view — across an entire data center portfolio.”

FieldView is offering Compass customers a six month test drive of FieldView Solutions’ applications at each new Compass facility.