Hyve Solutions has announced that it has contributed its OCP-Ready server design engineered to fit into a standard 19 in. data center rack to the Open Compute Project. Debuted at the Open Compute Summit in January 2013, the Hyve Solutions 1500 Series platform was created to address the growing demands of Hyve Solutions customers by delivering the benefits of Open Compute Project (OCP) technologies installed in a standard 19-in. rack. Hyve Solutions 1500 Series is OCP V2 and is composed of 28 2-node 1.5u high servers into a 44u rack.

“Hyve Solutions has been dedicated to Open Compute Project from its inception and our contribution of the Hyve Solutions 1500 Series platform furthers our commitment to the OCP community and core values of innovation, collaboration and transparency,” said Steve Ichinaga, senior vice president and general manager, Hyve Solutions.

"We commend Hyve Solutions for contributing the Hyve 1500 Series platform to the OCP community," said Cole Crawford, COO of the Open Compute Foundation. "Contributions like these are crucial to the Open Compute Project's mission of making datacenter technologies more innovative, more efficient, and more sustainable."

Data center customers who want to experience the Hyve Solutions 1500 series platform firsthand can register to attend the Hyve Solutions “Evolution of OCP” event in Fremont, CA, on September 24, 2013.