Air Enterprises has announced that it has acquired the exclusive license to market, sell, manufacture, and commission KyotoCooling® technology in North America.

This anchor in North America combines the patented “green” cooling technology of KyotoCooling with the world-class manufacturing and project management of Air Enterprises and the leading energy recovery wheel from Thermotech Enterprises to offer the most energy-efficient data center cooling solution in the world.

With more than 40 installations in nine countries, KyotoCooling has installations at HP, Bell Canada, United Airlines, Bend BroadBand, and Cloudsite. KyotoCooling® is a waterless, high-efficiency solution specifically designed for cooling data centers by utilizing outside air and energy recovery wheels to optimize data center ambient temperatures while minimizing outside contaminants and is a scalable solution from 100 kilowatt (kW) to 1,000 kW of sensible cooling. This patented technology (U.S. Patent 7,753,766 B2) for cooling air is designed specifically for data centers and is 70% to 85% more efficient than traditional data center conditioning solutions.

“Uniting the three leaders in concept, energy recovery and air handling revolutionizes the industry. By combining thousands of hours of research and development by KyotoCooling® with the sustainability of the highest quality energy recovery wheel manufactured by Thermotech and the engineering, manufacturing and project management skills of Air Enterprises, we will deliver the leading data center cooling solution to the market,” said Martin Ellis, CEO of Air Enterprises.

KyotoCooling is the leading, energy-optimized cooling solution for data centers. It is also the “greenest” solution, delivering energy savings of up to 85 percent over other cooling designs. KyotoCooling is able to maintain precise balance in pressure between cold and hot spaces to deliver an optimal operating environment. By precisely controlling the flow of air in the data center, KyotoCooling has delivered energy efficiency in North America and Europe ranging from a PUE of 1.05 to 1.15.

“We are very excited to be licensing Air Enterprises to sell and deliver KyotoCooling® in North America, said Pedro Matser, principal for KyotoCooling, B.V. “Air Enterprises brings a unique set of skills and technology that will differentiate KyotoCooling® from all other data center cooling solutions available to customers.”