The Green Grid has announced two new pieces of content that provide frameworks and best practices for elevating efficiency across the entire data center lifecycle. The white papers, titled “An Integrated Approach to Operational Efficiency and Reliability” and “Power Equipment and Data Center Design,” offer the most comprehensive approach to efficiency topics the data center community has ever seen before, and are free and available for download at

To establish recommendations and best practices, The Green Grid tapped into its existing network of end-users, policy-makers, technology providers, facility architects and utility companies to explore efficiency issues around the planning, designing and delivering of critical infrastructure and IT systems. The results provided a framework for facility operators to maintain the data center from the first day of operation, to future planning and modification to the data center infrastructure.

The first piece of new content, “An Integrated Approach to Operational Efficiency and Reliability,” describes the conscious effort made by the project development team to consider and document data center operations and management tools during the earliest planning and design phases of the facility life cycle of a data center. The paper also defines how the facility’s systems and subsystems are intended to work collaboratively to producer optimum energy efficiency, reliability, control, and maintainability.

The second piece of new content, “Power Equipment and Data Center Design,” includes a description of a power system diagram and discussion of its importance, and presents various topics that impact efficiency, including power system configurations and how a data center develops over time. Throughout the paper, different power system components are discussed in detail and diagrams illustrating measurement and control points are provided for each component. The paper is broken down into the following categories: The End to End Power System, UPS, Transformers, PDU, ICTE PSU, and Generator Set.