Cannon Technologies has been recognised by Frost & Sullivan after it was presented with the 2013 European Technology Innovation Leadership Award in Racks and Cabinets at an awards ceremony today in San Jose, CA. This prestigious accolade was given for the company’s pioneering T4 Free Form Aisle Cocooning system, which has been installed in some of the world’s leading data centers since its launch in 2012.

Now in its 52nd year in business, Frost & Sullivan is a global research organisation that monitors more than 250,000 companies in over 300 industries to highlight the achievements of those that deliver excellence and best practice. Its highly sought after awards are based on Frost & Sullivan's unique TEAM Research methodology, a rigorous process that measures products against a robust set of standards.

The following criteria were used to benchmark the T4 Free Form Aisle Cocooning system’s performance against key competitors — uniqueness, impact on new products and applications, impact on functionality, customer value, and relevance to the data center sector.

Gary Jeffery, partner and head of UK operations at Frost & Sullivan, said, ‘Cannon Technologies has been proactive in identifying the key challenges faced by the data centre industry in the area of racks and cabinets. Our independent analysis of the sector clearly shows that the company is driven by a determination to address the issues facing end users through constant innovation and the effective leverage of cutting-edge technologies.’

With such a plethora of installed equipment in modern data centres, carrying out moves, adds and changes (MACs) in these confined spaces can prove costly and increase the potential for downtime. To avoid these problems the T4 Free Form Aisle Cocooning system provides unprecedented freedom to work, and even facilitate the swap out of complete racks, in a live, fully operational data center. This advanced technology unites cost effective air cabling and airflow system containment to create a single integrated solution that features vertical closure panels, support for legacy technologies and a low energy footprint. The technology supports an end-to-end edge beam infrastructure, underpinning the overhead panels above the aisle without being individually dedicated to any one rack.

When carrying out work there is no disturbance to the cold aisle containment infrastructure, which remains in place and functional, and all rack mounted cable raceway also remains undisturbed. Legacy systems support means that where old rack installations exist the T4 Free Form Aisle Cocooning system provides a cost-effective retrofit solution.

Cannon Technologies’ managing director, Matthew Goulding, said, ‘After winning the Frost & Sullivan 2012 New Product Innovation Award for our Smart Space cabinet, we are absolutely delighted to have received similar recognition for the T4 Free Form Aisle Cocooning system. It once again cements our position as the leading innovator within the racks and cabinets industry and highlights our ability to provide truly world class solutions.’