ABB has released Version 3 of its Decathlon data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system, which allows “both sides” of the data center (i.e., facilities and IT professionals) to use their preferred tools while enabling deeper collaboration among staff for maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all data center assets. This latest version allows customers to keep all data completely on premise or to work in the cloud.

The newest version of Decathlon removes the barriers between facility and IT disciplines by making it possible to work from a single data set and a single operational environment, independent of the selected tool or application module. Facility managers can view, at a glance, the power availability at each component in the critical power path to determine the status of all breakers, including switchgear and distribution, UPS, transformers and PDUs — at multiple sites.  With a click of the mouse, power quality events can be analyzed to determine if harmonic distortion can disrupt power distribution. This visibility helps users understand which equipment is being affected by the distortion and decide whether further action is required. 

Decathlon also enables intuitive, yet granular visibility of IT systems. For example, IT managers gain instant insight of a server’s status and system performance. They can view the CPU utilization, power draw and temperature for a particular server, rack or zone.

“Our customers are free to add preferred applications, such as computerized maintenance management systems or workorder ticketing systems, from ABB or a third party. Different roles and disciplines require different views of the data center. With Decathlon, a single data set and a single operational environment reveal its true state,” explained Eric Olson, ABB Decathlon product manager.

In addition, Decathlon provides a choice for data center managers to keep their data completely on premise or push relevant data to a secure cloud for their customers to access.  Decathlon is designed and built for highly secure, mission critical environments, such as power plants and data centers that could be targets for cyber-attack.

“ABB has diverse expertise with power delivery, utilities, energy management, building management, DCIM and automation,” said Olson. “All of this know-how with mission critical infrastructure is reflected in how Decathlon is designed and built.”