The Advancing Achievers Technology Training Center (AATTC) is designed to serve the educational aspects for the ever-changing technologies and systems used in the data center and critical equipment industry using a more formal approach.

The center aims to serve as a catalyst in supporting a network of teaching alliances that currently offer informal and semi-formal training and to create a consortium of collaborative relationships within today's data center industry (Mission Critical Magazine, EGSA, 7x24 Exchange, Data Center Knowledge, etc.); capturing the information from these venues, including field training, research, and other ancillary training programs offered by OEM's; and transitioning them into a formal education that can be disseminated through any university system, said Dr. Tim Oergel, Chairman and CEO. “We recognize a huge need for an association-type of school to teach industry personnel, and to equip them to apply their knowledge efficiently,” Oergel added. “The center will act as an education clearinghouse.”

Board members include Richard E. Herzog, vice-chairman, academic dean; Bruce Currin, vice-chairman, sustainability initiatives; and Caroline Fritz, vice chairperson, ad-hoc committee.

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