July 25, 2013

The Flamingo Trailer Park

Compass Points

Author: Chris Crosby

The Flamingo Trailer Park was located a few miles away from where I went to college. Truly a monument to kitsch, the “Flamingo” was a trailer park (now referred to by the less pejorative term “manufactured housing”) adorned with the most beloved of all yard ornaments—the plastic pink flamingo. They were everywhere. To enter the park you drove through an archway composed of two massive representations of Phoenicopterus with interlocking beaks. Each trailer featured a flamingo emblazoned with its street address. Only in the infield at Hialeah could you see more of these bandy legged scourges of brine shrimp, albeit the non-ersatz version. My memories of the Flamingo were spurred by an article I read proclaiming the top five reasons you would want a pre-fabricated modular data center.


July 25, 2013

Software Defined Data Center: What’s your real goal? Incremental optimization or true business agility

Open Data Center Alliance blog

Author: Eric Pulier

There is enormous change afoot in the enterprise IT vendor landscape. Consolidation, announcements, bold claims, counter-claims as well as backtracks, delays and pivots. The big, traditional players in the vendor community are doing everything they can to remain competitive and offer products and services that will keep them relevant.


July 25, 2013

Can private cloud services really keep European companies secure?

GigaOm blog

Author: David Meyer

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is a key pillar of the cloud revolution, giving developers a hosted platform on which to create and test new applications without having to think about the underlying infrastructure.


July 23, 2013

Digital Realty expresses need for hierarchical design in DCIM to organize the data

The Green Data Center blog

Before David Schirmacher joined Digital Realty trust we would regularly have chats that could easily last hours.  I don’t get a chance to chat with David as much now that he is Sr VP of Data Center Operations, but we still connect in many ideas.  Digital Realty has a paper it released on DCIM.  And a couple of things reminded me how we think the same.


July 17, 2013

Microsoft’s Christian Belady receives Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award

Microsoft Data Centers blog

Posted by Global Foundation Services

Christian Belady, Microsoft’s general manager of Data Center Services, received the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award by DatacenterDynamics at their inaugural North American Awards ceremony in San Francisco last week. Belady was honored for his years of contributions to the data center community, including as a founding member of ASHRAE’s TC9.9, an early architect of The Green Grid and the originator of the broadly-used power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric to measure energy efficiency of a data center.


July, 15, 2013

Data centres are not ready for cloud

Datacenter Dynamics blog

Author: Edward Jones

This week research revealed that, worryingly, today’s data centres are not fit for the cloud. A study by network service provider, Brocade, showed that 91 per cent of IT decision makers admitted that their current IT infrastructures still require substantial upgrades to meet the ever-changing and unique networking requirements created by virtualisation and cloud computing. This is despite three quarters of respondents saying they had updated their IT infrastructures in the past three years.


@TheGreenGrid 25 July

What is the process for determining Carbon Usage Effectiveness?



@jtorrecillas2 25 July

Stunning Photos Of Google’s Massive Data Centers



@Gartner_inc 25 July

What’s driving the top 10 Technology Trends Cloud Computing? Register for free Gartner Research Note to learn more.



@SEDataCenters 25 July

Left, Right or Wrong at the Intersection of Energy and IT #SEDCblog



@ GlobalKnowledge 25 July

How To Reduce Data Center Costs & Improve Service to IT users




@ITWatchDogs 25 July

When choosing a site for your #datacenter, you may want to consider these factors:



@ciscoDC 25 July

Cisco UCS Central runs as a VM and centralizes many features across multiple domains. More > http://t.co/1jYS8wPxJe


@CarpathiaHost 25 July

Cloud Infographic: Turning #BigData Overload Into Big Sales

http://t.co/ikdOcVCbhS via @cloudtweaks


@AndiMann 25 July

New @451Research doc reviews #cloud, #colo, #MSP provider (and CA @AppLogic partner) @ScaleMatrix



@DataCenterMktpl 25 July

Data Center MarketPl Number of U.S. Government IT Facilities Rises to 7,000: The number of IT facilities inclu... http://t.co/WVFlMOlSpN


@mikethollander 25 July

A Closer Look at Data Center “High Availability” and “Service...



@drdatacenters 25 July

Key to a comprehensive #DCIM solution is recognizing the breadth & diversity of the available information. http://ow.ly/nf7Yl


@DPRConstruction 20 July

Building a #datacenter? Mark Thompson shares how #modular solutions minimize risk and improve reliability (pg. 54): http://ow.ly/n20be


@joemckendrick 11 July

Cloud Computing Market May Become An Oligopoly of High-Volume Vendors

http://onforb.es/12ujj2j  via @forbes


@451Research 9 July

New report by 451’s Owen Rogers on the economics of #Cloud #Computing here:

http://bit.ly/1a8wigf  @cloudscompared


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