Cooper Bussmann has released a new line of fused and non-fused rotary disconnect switches from 16A to 1200A. Including open and enclosed options to meet UL508 and UL98 requirements, this complete line of load break disconnect switches is built to serve as a main disconnect, provide branch circuit protection or handle the equipment and motor loads often found in industrial or manufacturing applications. Disconnect Switches from Cooper Bussmann

Open fused and non-fused disconnect switch models provide the flexibility of point-of-use configuration when designing and assembling custom panels. Most disconnect switches can be operated with a front, side, flange, or direct mount handle mechanism increasing design flexibility and reducing the need to stock multiple switch models. A complete offering of accessories, from handles and shafts to door mounting kits, allows users to custom build the exact configuration needed. Choosing between 100kA or 200kA short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) allows users to select a disconnect switch with the SCCR that best suits the application.

Enclosed disconnect switches offer a full range of solutions available in NEMA Type 1, 3R, 4, 4X Stainless, 4X Plastic and 12 enclosures for a broad range of application environments switches to fit the desired application.