AXI International has released the MTC-HC150 High Capacity Mobile Tank Cleaning and Fuel Optimization System. The MTC-HC150 is used as a service tool to clean large diesel fuel storage tanks and restore the fuel to optimal condition including mission-critical emergency backup generator installations such as hospitals, public safety and security operations, and data centers.Tank Cleaning from AXI International

The MTC-HC150 is the optimal solution for removing sludge, contaminants, and water from tank bottoms and then restoring fuel to “clear and bright” optimal condition in large-capacity fuel storage tanks. The MTC-HC150 System features an adjustable filtration flow rate from 15 to 150 gallons per minute, dual independent pre-filter vessels, dual ALGAE-X® Fuel Conditioners, and dual Final Filter vessels. For portability, the MTC-HC150 System is mounted on two metal skids that have integrated spill containment trays.