JouleX has introduced version 4.0 of the JouleX Energy Manager™ (JEM) platform, an enterprise-class energy management solution that substantially reduces the total cost of ownership of network and data center infrastructure for enterprises and managed service providers. With version 4.0 of the JEM platform, global enterprises can realize significant immediate and long-term cost savings with a quicker time to benefit.Energy Management Platform from JouleX

JEM is the first software-defined, network-based, energy management system that dynamically measures the energy consumption and utilization of all network-connected devices and systems to provide visibility into power usage across the enterprise and autonomous control policies to help organizations identify and automatically reduce energy waste. The new JEM platform has been designed to provide a wide variety of capabilities to give global organizations more choice and control in energy management.

Key features and benefits include distributed cloud-based architecture, which improves scalability and efficiency; fully centralized management; roles-based access and management; multi-dimensional graphic visualization; and expanded data center infrastructure coverage.