All Russelectric on-site power control systems are equipped with dual PLC controls for automatic generator set starting and stopping, status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing, and priority load control. A primary PLC controls system operation with a backup PLC running the same program as the primary. If the primary PLC fails, the backup PLC assumes operational control. If both PLCs were to fail, a manual control system allows operating personnel to synchronize and parallel the generators onto the bus, as well as to add and shed load.Power Control Systems from Russelectric

Other features, such as load demand control for fuel management, are available. Systems include sensors to monitor volts, amps, watts, frequency, and other pertinent electric power data of individual generator sets and the overall system.

Large LCD touchscreen operator interface is included. Custom system integrating SCADA and simulation are available as options. All systems are UL listed and are designed and built in accordance with ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA standards.