Power Assure® has released the latest update to the PAR4 Measurement System, an integrated test environment that combines the STARLINE Plug-In Raceway and power monitor meters with the Power Assure measurement system to measure actual idle and peak power consumption of individual IT equipment and IT racks leveraging standardized and patented measurement procedures for accurate, reliable, and repeatable results. Integrated with various inventory systems, these measurements can be used to place equipment to the right rack and location in a data center without risk of overloading circuits but maximizing the amount of equipment placed into each rack. Seeing improvements of over 30% in IT capacity for a given data center have validated the need and importance of accurate IT equipment measurements.Power Measurement from Power Assure

Many data centers operate with standard rack configurations.  In these cases, racks are pre-configured and populated with a standard set of servers and other devices to a standard “total rack” design.  Therefore data center operators are interested in establishing the power consumption profile of the entire rack.  The mobile PAR4 Measurement System and the PAR4 software have been designed to allow for either a single machine or, by using a double set of parts of the equipment, an entire rack to be PAR4 tested.