Compass Datacenters has partnered with RF Code to integrate its real-time asset management and environmental monitoring application into Compass’ open DCiM Platform. RF Code is a leading provider of fully-automated, real-time asset tracking and wire-free environmental monitoring solutions that significantly reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing IT assets and the environmental conditions that surround them. Compass has completed the integration and RF Code’s application is currently available to Compass customers.

“Moves, adds and changes are the one constant in today’s virtualized and cloud environments, which is why we have partnered with RF Code to make their wire-free solutions available through our DCiM platform. RF Code’s solution is not simply software, but an entire system of industry-leading devices and integrated software that perform real-time asset management and environmental monitoring,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. “Additionally, RF Code has a proven track record of integration with other software should our clients elect to pursue that.”

“There is increasing demand for data centers to integrate RF Code’s monitoring solutions within their infrastructure in order to effectively manage assets and their environment,” says Mitch Medford, CEO of RF Code. “The integration into Compass’ DCiM platform allows customers to recognize the benefits of real-time DCiM from the first date of operation.”

Crosby added, “The addition of RF Code’s solution to our DCiM platform is the latest milestone in our open platform strategy. Unlike proprietary approaches to DCiM systems which limit options for customers, Compass uses an open platform strategy that gives our customers the best applications available to meet their evolving needs. We are also working with RF Code on a pilot project that will create the industry’s first ‘asset-aware data center.’ It will utilize RF Code’s sensor gear to create a next-generation data center environment that provides advanced asset management capabilities.”