TSO Logic has announced a formal reseller agreement with Enhanced Data Solutions. The agreement will allow Enhanced Data Solutions, a provider of next-generation energy efficiency products for data centers, to represent TSO Logic’s award-winning TSO Metrics and TSO Power Control software for in-house server farms and large data centers.

“We are finding that data center operators are searching for tools and resources to fully understand their power usage, what the largest proponents of their energy consumption are, and for ways to manage and reduce usage,” says Brad Turner, managing director of Enhanced Data Solutions. “With the analytics TSO Logic’s power management solution offers, data centers can reduce their power usage by as much as half to meet efficiency and sustainability goals while drastically reducing overall cost without impacting server performance.”

Data center servers typically run at full capacity, regardless of workload demand fluctuations, resulting in the savings opportunity of up to 65% of electricity costs on idle servers. TSO Logic’s new software provides two complementary functions to address this problem with no impact on availability, additional hardware, agent software, or disruptive infrastructure changes. TSO’s Metrics provides data centers new deep-level insight to understand workload and server performance, while TSO’s Power Control provides intuitive power management to cut server costs without affecting performance.

Enhanced Data Solutions, led by senior executives with over 65 years of combined business and IT expertise, have developed a deep understanding of the operational, technical and financial challenges in data centers. TSO Logic will be working closely with Enhanced Data Solutions on product marketing, training, and customer implementation.

“Enhanced Data Solutions’ deep expertise and long-standing history serving the unique challenges of the data center industry make the company a great organization to partner with,” said Aaron Rallo, founder and CEO of TSO Logic. “We are already finding many data center customers that instantly realize the strategic value of having a detailed view of their power costs per business application and are ecstatic when they realize the opportunity to save.”