Emerson Network Power has debuted a Building Information Modeling1 (BIM) capability for its line of ASCO® Power Control Systems that can reduce the time typically required for installation and approvals, and avoid expensive rework.

The BIM capability is available with all ASCO Power Control System lineups, which start, synchronize, parallel, monitor and protect multiple-genset power systems. A lineup comprises a master control section and one or more single- or dual-generator sections. They are built to order and fit to order.

Even highly customized lineups for the most sophisticated business-critical applications are shipped with in-depth, smart parametric modeling data with seamless, 'drag and drop' integration into an overall 3-D building model. In fact, the capability is a standard part of every submittal package.

Matt Mannell, vice president of Power Control Systems at Emerson Network Power's ASCO Power business, said, "This BIM-ready capability helps ensure that design and installation issues get solved up front at the start of a project, not down the road when they would incur rework costs."

Rework, including material, labor and site delays, can add significantly to construction expenses. A study of 32 BIM-driven projects by the Stanford University Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering2 shows BIM can eliminate 40 percent of unbudgeted changes and save up to 10 percent of a project's contract value by detecting design 'collisions,' or 'crashes,' of system components.

The comprehensive, 3-D digital model represents each section in a lineup for a customer's project.  The model shows height, width and depth dimensions, clearance zones, locations and directional swing of doors, circuit breaker placement and cable-entry cutouts. The information helps consulting engineers and contractors ensure adequate thermal spacing between the lineup and other equipment, clearance and placement for lifting devices for circuit breakers, and proper conduit routing. 

The BIM capability is an example of Emerson's proactive project management approach that works to 'get it right the first time.' For more information on the BIM-ready capability of ASCO Power Control Systems, call (800) 800 ASCO (2726), email CustomerCare@Asco.com or visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.com/ASCO.

1.      Building Information Modeling creates a software-driven, digital 3-D model of a building. It shows each floor and the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and other equipment and systems on those floors, including their quantities and spatial relationships. A model also shows a building's cost estimates, geometry, geography and project schedule. BIM facilitates building design, construction, sequencing, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
2.      The Center conducted the study in 2007.